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Make me a story.

Technically, I found this publication one day at the Champaign Public Library. I loved it so much that I decided to buy a copy for myself. The title for this book is called the making of a story by Alice Laplante. The cover layout shows unity by centering the words and placing them around a blue border. The hierarchy of words shows the title toward the top and the author towards bottom of the page. The words “the” and” of a” are different from the title. The wanted the book to have a classical look to it. A Norton guide to Creative Writing has a double border and a black background. They did this because they wanted people to know the purpose of the book. The typography is evenly spaced and well in proportion. The first typeface is Baskerville Serif and the styles are bold, regular and italic. The second one is a script. What I always loved this book is the modern and traditional look.
Champaign Public Library

Bring on the tension.

I found this informational article at Parkland College library. The name the article is called G-spot 101 by Amanda MacMillan.
The layout is separated into 11 paragraphs. Each paragraph talks about separate questions for sexual intercourse for women. The illustration towards the top of the page is animated and eye-eye-catching. The words Yes gets bigger towards the end to give it action. In my head, I can image the boyfriend pleasuring his girlfriend, until she gets an orgasm. Hence, the title name G-Spot. On the right side you can see four dildos being displayed. They wanted to emphasis the best ones by using action words. The Typography is proportion and spaced evenly on the page. Helvetica Sans-serif, and the style is regular.
What attracted me about this piece was the tension and playful look.

Health magazine march 2018, Parkland College Library

Detective Chick

I found this publication at Parkland College library. The name of this book is called Legal Tender by Lisa Scottoline.

The layout for the cover shows the author placed towards the top and the title towards the bottom. The designer emphasis the words “Legal Tender” to make it look mysterious. The author for the book is colored white. The white spacing is passive because it’s centered on the cover. The image shows a woman walking towards the sidewalk. Part of her face and feet are cut off the page. Her lips, upper legs and chest are being shown. She wears a red jacket, black shirt and pants, which remains me of Carmen Sandigo.  The spacing and proportion are evenly spaced. The name of the author is white, and the title of the book is purple. The type that’s being used is Helvetica sans-serif and the style is all caps. I can also see Times New Roman serif and the styles are italic and regular.

What attracted me about this piece is the feminine, trendy and serious look.

Parkland College …

shoot to the next level

In the writer’s magazine, an informational article made by Mike Dunphy.
The page layout has six separated paragraphs and each number is pixeled. Around the quote shows a picture of a platform. To make it look as if it was standing on it. The block of text is a justified to the right side. All the paragraphs are facing the left of the page. Its unified by using pixeled art for illustrations. A strawberry is shown to be the yellow line break. The author wanted to give the strawberry movement. The design that’s being used is contemporary art.
The typography is evenly spaced for spacing and proportion. The kerning is well in proportion and evenly spaced. The heading for the cover has one color: white. The numbers and paragraphs are black. The typeface is custom made by the author himself. So, I can’t identify the font. But I do know he uses lower case letters for the words.
What attract me the most about this piece was the cover for Its innovative and imaginative style. It remains of …