In the Ad Buster magazine, there is an informational article made by Ryan Trimble. The picture on the right side shows unity by placing code intuitively on the page. The paragraphs are flushed to the right side. The paragraphs are separated into five equal columns. The white space is evenly centered and balanced. The picture is covered with code to emphasis the point that there is an error. The composition of the black and white page makes it like a computer screen. The kerning for the Helvetica san-serif is tight. The font style is standard, and the color is black. Proportions are evenly spaced. I liked this piece for its intuitive and innovative approach.

Ad Buster. March 2018

Shout out the answer!

In the writers magazine, Jack Smith created this informational article. The page layout has a structure that’s symmetrical. The Illustration is bigger than the article. He wanted to emphasis the point that the mouth is shouting out the words. It creates a nice balance between using illustration and typography. The design style is complimentary. The spacing and kerning for the typography is even. The proportions are aligned and spaced evenly. The white and black colors with the red background works well. The typeface is Helvetica Sans-serif and style will be condensed. What attracted me about this piece was the animated and narrative approach.

raging feminist

This informational article is for Mrs. Magazine. It’s a magazine for the feminist.  The layout is separated into three paragraphs. Each paragraph is evenly balanced and aligned to the right side. The white spacing is good because the distance is not to close together with the image. The structure for the block of text is squared around the image. The proportions of the typography is balanced and even. The kerning isn’t too close or too far apart. The colors are red and black. The spacing is even and balanced. The title is a script italic. The headline is standard sans-serif Helvetica. The body of text and quotes are Serif times. What attracted the most was headline of the article. I got the impression that Kamaladevl Chattopadhyay (the person you see on second page) wanted to influence other people to come join her quest. To bring back the power in womanhood. The title almost felt audible to me

Mrs. Magazine winter 2018

Discover the world

It’s function is a informational article from  Discovery magazine. The structure for This two-page layout is aligned to the right side of the page. The letter “M” has a drop cap that blocks over the strain of text. The white spacing is evenly spaced. One-line of text has been separated into two columns. The font that’s being used is times new roman. The kerning is evenly spaced which centers the words on the cover of the page. The article and cover are aligned mathematically and scientifically. Type classification is a standard serif. What attract me the most about this magazine was the typography. The green letters makes it look traditional and national.  
Discover magazine