The trees are high in the skies

In the IEEE Spectrum magazine, an informational article made by Mark Harris.

The page layout shows unity by using imagery and block of text with a heading on the top of page. The heading has a boarder around the words that says: “the Internet of trees.” The details include a transparent white box with antennas around it.  The heading has been indented toward the left side of the page. The title emphases that the trees are working for the internet.  In the picture, the trees are centered around the antenna. The paragraph is one page long and it’s justified to the left and right side. The block of text, the white spacing is evenly spaced on the page.

The Typography is evenly spaced for spacing and proportion. The kerning is well in proportion and evenly spaced. The heading has two colors: brown and black. The words internet and trees are brown. The words the and of are black. The typeface is times new roman serif and the style is regular.

What attract me the most about this piece was the calming atmosphere.

IEEE Spectrum magazine, march 2015


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